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Barbara Brody
Barbara Brody - artwork

Blue Blessings I

Watersong I

Watersong II

Blue Blessings II

Early Light

Blessed Land I

Blessed Land II

Last Light

Barbara Brody

Barbara is a contemporary colourist who has had a love affair with sunlight, skies and landscapes since the age of three.
Her language of images can be rich, playful, bold, magical and often evoke a spiritual quality.
Brody's work is always alive with her sense of colour and spirit.

"Colours are like breakfast to me. I store them in my mind like others might do with words, films, books, schedules, etc."

"All artists have different ways of working. I have always preferred to work on a series of pieces at one time. I begin by doing many small thumbnail drawings and/or paintings. From those I begin my pieces.. once a rhythm takes hold - I keep working on pieces until the series is complete."

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